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This Week
Meeting Date and Place
Thursday, June 29, 2017, at 12:15 PM, at the Cameron Park Country Club, our usual location

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom by Bill Hughes; the Greeter will be Mike Dugan; and Jim Buckley will be at the front desk

Garry Miller, County Planning Commissioner.

Last Week

Ben Young: This was his final meeting presiding as club president due to work commitments. He thanked members who worked hard in the foreground and background for their service. He recapped this year’s accomplishments, fund raisers, and numerous service projects including our bicycle project that has recently received national attention. (A power point presentation depicting our events, accomplishments, and projects was played in a video loop on a large screen…thanks, Vickie!)

In appreciation, Ben presented a special bottle of local olive oil to each board member: Don Fuller, Foundation Chair; Jim Buckley, Treasurer; Bill Ettlich, Secretary; Tiffani Triveri, Program Chair; Anne Marie Olson, Vocational Chair; Bill Hughes, Membership Chair; Vicki Christensen, Immediate Past President; and Scott McNeil, President-Elect. Board members not in attendance were also acknowledged: Carla Carlson, Vice President; Walt Phillip, International Chair; Joe Ryan, Community Service Chair; and Jana Ellerman, Youth Service Chair. Ben presented incoming President Scott McNeil with a president’s pin and badge. He joked that he hoped Scott would not lose it like Ben had done in the past.

Vickie Christensen presented Ben with a past president’s pin, badge, and plaque. His family was presented with special t-shirts saying they survived Ben’s term as president. His wife Lacey and office assistant Cathi Pham were also given plants. Vickie described the role of president as life changing. She said we were grateful he took on the role of being president all while being a husband to Lacey, raising two children and having an expanding business. Ben has a huge heart, cares deeply and is very generous.

Scott McNeil presented Tiffany Triveri with a president-elect pin.

Words of Wisdom were by Dick Franks

Presidents Corner

Program: Debunking Skit, Song and Thanks

Vickie Christensen described the debunking skit as being a typical week in Rotary with Ben presiding as president. Fun emcee Bill Hughes held up placards instructing the audience to ask, “Wwwwhere’s Ben?” when prompted, and to “applause” whenever Ben made an appearance. He also asked the audience to hold up the Ben mask as appropriate. Comedian Mark Scott, holding up a Ben mask, kept the audience laughing in his portrayal of Ben frequently leaving the meeting in a “running gait” to retrieve items he accidentally left behind in his car.

The theme of “Wwwwhere’s Ben” continued when Vickie introduced Ben Foulk to sing the traditional outgoing president’s song. As Ben Foulk could not be present, a video was instead shown of the Cameron Park Rotary Chorus singing “Farewell Ode to President Ben Young.” Ben Foulk wrote the song and directed the chorus. Vickie Christensen, Scott McNeil and Tiffani Triveri joined Ben Foulk in singing the tribute while Art Cort accompanied on the harmonica.

The Four Way Test of all the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned

Noted Rotarians
Afterwards, Dave Sargent gave a sincere and heartfelt thanks to Ben a job well done and for his willingness to step up as president despite his very busy life. The following qualities made Ben a great president and even a better Rotarian and human being:

1. Generosity and thoughtfulness towards others.
2. Sincerity
3. Support of Youth
4. Caring Nature
5. Work Ethic

The program concluded with Ben receiving a standing ovation in recognition of the extraordinary hard work that he put in for the club and the community over the past year. THANK YOU BEN:

Guests for the evening included Spouses of Rotarians – Perry Christensen, Joanne Clarke, George Eckert, Sara Edwards, Dianne Ettlich, Sharon Franks, Jeff Frentzen, Linda Fuller, Dian Hansen, Angie Hassler, Kathi Hughes, JoAnn LePere, Carol Sargent, Barbara Webb, Lynn Blair and Lacey Young; Anne Marie Olson, new e-member; John Fendick, guest of Tiffani Triveri, Luanne LePere, daughter of Chuck and JoAnn, and Cathi Pham, office manager for President Ben.

Submitted by Laurie Edwards

Birthdays in June
Rachel Amador
Vickie Christensen-McLain
Roger Hassler
Chuck LePere
Verne Sanders
Helen Cort
Dian Hansen

Anniversaries in June
Bob & Joanne Clarke
Anne & George Eckert Schultz
Dick & Sharon Franks
Rube & Dee Jessop
Steve & Judy Long
Debra & Luke Miller
Mark & Janis Scott
David & Suzanne Tavernetti
Terry & Heidi Wilson

Upcoming Calendar
June 29, 2017 – Garry Miller, County Planning Commissioner.

Upcoming Words of Wisdom/Greeter Assignments

The Last Word

July 20, 2017 - The Cameron Park Chamber of Commerce mixer at Ponte Palmero Retirement community starts at 5:30 pm. Cameron Park Rotarians are encouraged to attend.

Web site, photography and artwork through the talents of Mike Neal.

The rest of the Gear Up crew: Scott McNeil, Laurie Edwards, Steve Long, Jim Buckley, Darian Eldredge and Dick Franks.

Links to the Needs Assessment Executive Report and the Rotary Needs Assessment Detail report are directly below.
The link to the Observatory 10th Anniversary Photos is posted below.

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