Joshua Stander from the Capitol Planning Group, presented on "Investing 102" with an emphasis on the current market outlook during this pandemic.  The main topics presented were:  Investing during COVID-19;  Strategic vs. Tactical Investing; and  Investing in Retirement.  For a repeat of his presentation, follow this Facebook Live link and drag the round progress indicator to the 21:10 point.

Joshua explained that the runup in the stock market since it's 2020 low in March was due to the $9 trillion that the Federal Reserve injected into the economy in 2020 so far.  Josh believes that we are overdue for a recession and that bonds are not going to offer much safety, saying that many consider the bond market a bubble waiting to pop.  For the tumultuous times we are facing now, Joshua presented a tactical style of investing, which is active and changes asset allocations as the market fluctuates.  For more info on Joshua's suggestions, please visit the link above.  It was a stimilating presentation that gave us a lot of food for thought.