He's been taking photographs since he was in the third or fourth grade, and Paul Cockrell long ago figured out why the photos don't always look like what he snapped. It's the camera! Cameras do not see as well as our eyes, Cockrell explained at the luncheon meeting last week at the Cameron Park Country Club.
Compared to the human eye, Cockrell said, cameras have a more limited ability to focus and discern  shades of light and dark.  In earlier times, this problem was remedied by reducing or increasing light on portions of developing prints.  Now, digital images can be manipulated by software applications.  Cockrell  shared some of his photographs, and discussed his techniques to make the final print look like what he saw when he took the photograph. 
Cockrell splits his time working part-time as a design engineer, photographer, and co-owner with his wife, Ruth, of the Placerville Art Gallery, 352 Main Street, in Placerville. Currently 28 artists have their work at the gallery, which opened in 2015.