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Club News
 Membership chairperson, Anne Eckert represented the Club in presenting three members with their Blue Badges.  These were all honorary memberships as part of corporate memberships.  As part of Guthrie and Ellerman, a Professional Law Corporation, Kim Strand and Jennifer Fung received their blue badges.  Jana Ellerman said a few nice words of introduction about both of them.  Hal Young, part of Astute Wealth Management, was introduced by his son Ben.  We're thrilled to have three new Blue Badge members in the club.
Don Fuller (left) led a discussion of the Rotary International Foundation, using a Rotary Foundation Bingo Game, talks by Bob Dorr, Bill Ettlich and Roger Hassler, and an auction for the #2 shovel trophy to raise enthusiasm for contributing to the Foundation.
Bob Dorr spoke about a couple past International projects for Cameron Park Rotary: 1) An Hepatitis B immunization project in and near Vladivistok, and 2) A project for the Agusan swamp on the island of Mindanao to build a boat for birthing babies, so that qualified medical people could get close enough to the expectant mothers to provide them good care.
Bill Ettlich talked about water projects in Vladivostok and in Banbannon, Mindanao, The Philippines.  Cameron Park Rotary did the basic design work 10-11 years ago, but it took a long time to get all the funding.  The project was eventually successful in getting water piped to faucets outside of the house.  Bill encouraged people to become involved in RI Foundation grant projects since it is very satisfying and rewarding, but cautioned to keep good records.  Don Fuller mentioned that the challenge which we need to accept is to find a project that can eventually be self-sustaining by the local people.
Don then conducted a quiz on Rotary International Foundation topics in the form of a Bingo game.  President-elect Dave Crofut was named the winner after a careful examination of his bingo card by Don.
An action was held for the honor of hosting the #2 shovel trophy or just knowing that we were giving to a good cause.  Contributing to the winning bid were: 
Jana Ellerman, $300; 
Roger Hassler, $250; 
Jim Buckley, $250;
President Tiffany, $100;
Dave Crofut, $100
Bob Dorr, $100;
Tom Elken, $100;
Dick Franks, $100;
Mike Dugan, $100;
Ben Young, $100
for a total of $1,500.
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