Past President Bill Hughes and President Anne Eckert introduced the strategic planning exercise that he and President-Elect Tiffany Triveri designed for the members attending the meeting. Each table was given a topic on a Focus Sheet which included a set of questions and ideas to tickle our imaginations.  The topics on the Focus Sheets were: Club Membership, International Projects, Vocational, Club Service, Youth Service and Public Image.  After the 20 minutes of discussion at each table, a spokesperson for each table presented the ideas generated which were also recorded on the focus sheets.  Although the sheets were collected by Bill, some of the brainstorming ideas were:
  • Club Membership: Back to some Rotary history:  Go after managers or owners of businesses;
    Talk to prospects about service clubs and Rotary International (the elevator speech) as part of inviting him/her to a meeting; Continue to aim for more diversity of membership; and maintain a schedule of community events / meetings that the Ambassadors should attend.
  • International Projects: Should we take on a project this year, or use the year to research what to do for future years?
    Attend 1-2 project fairs; Develop a long-term relationship with a foreign city/region to serve as the basis for multiple projects; Identify 1-2 members with a real inclination and ability to take on or lead international projects.
  • Vocational:  Ideas a) high school career day participation, b) Creating a club roster with each member’s current or former vocation, and c) reviving the Salvation Army “ring the bell” project that Bill Gallant used to be involved with.
  • Youth Service:  This group decided to postpone their report until next week
  • Public Image:  Continue our ambassador program; Be sure to maintain the quality of our previous local projects such as the Shingle Springs soccer field and sign, the observatory and amphitheatre, Rasmussen Park, etc.; Be sure to have a big, public celebration in 2019 of the 50th anniversary of the Cameron Park Rotary Club.
  • Club Service:  Try to bump up attendance at the meetings, perhaps with a weekly message from the President, having some weekly meetings at members homes with the meal as a potluck; Hosting a cub scout pack (Vickie will research more about what that entails);  Restart an Interact club hosted by CPR.