To get a full replay of this program please click on this link to the FaceBook Live recording of the meeting and slide the round progress marker to the 21:20 point for the introduction.
Past Presidents Dave Sargent and Anne Eckert delivered an update on the Club Foundation including the Darol Rasmussen Grant.  Dave called the meeting of the Cameron Park Rotary Club Community Foundation to order.  He reminded us that the CPRC Community Foundation is made up of all the members of the Rotary Club of Cameron Park.  Dave provided background on the reason for the Community Foundation and the relationship of it to the Darol Rasmussen Fund.
In order to conduct business, a quorum of 20 members is required, but there were only 17 in attendance.  Jim Buckley suggested and Dave agreed that the members at the meeting could vote, but then an email to the other members would be used to get their votes on acceptance of the last minutes and for the slate of members up for consideration as members of the 2021 Board of Directors:  Dave Sargent (3 yr. term); Ben Foulk (2 yr.); Gary Gall (2 yr.) Dave Tavernetti (3 yr.).  The 17 members at the meeting unanimously voted in favor of all four of these candidates.  We are looking for 3 additional votes via e-mail to complete this vote.  This email was sent out by Jim Buckley on behalf of Board Secretary Anne Eckert.  Please reply and indicate your votes if you have not already.