Jim Buckley and Vickie Christensen presented a quick overview on our Club website which uses ClubRunner software to provide it's functionality.  They also described how you can access several of these capabilities on your smartphone by installing the ClubRunner app (It's icon is a white "CR" on a blue background).  If you don't have a login to our https://www.cameronparkrotary.org/ website or are not able make full use of the smartphone app, you can contact Jim Buckley to provide you with your login name and an initial password.
Some capabilities of our website can be accessed without logging in, such as seeing recent Gear Up newsletters to see who is the upcoming speaker and where the upcoming meeting will be held.  With a login, you can use the Club Directory function or the smartphone app to quickly get the contact information of other members, or send an e-mail to all or a large number of members without much effort.  You can also look at your own contact info and correct it if there are any errors or outdated information. 
Please contact Jim Buckley about getting a login, he is eager to assist you!