Posted by James Buckley
The Cameron Park Rotary Club bicycle project involves picking up discarded bikes each month at the dump (El Dorado Waste Management saves the bikes for us), and taking them to Folsom Prison for refurbishing by an inmate. Once refurbished, the bicycles are given to adults and children in need. Past recipients have been veterans, school children, Camp Fire victims and the homeless. Our latest recipient to receive a bicycle was Lamonte, who is currently unemployed but going to community college to learn a new trade. His bicycle was his main source of transportation until a couple of days before he and Rotarian Laurie Edwards met. Sadly, a thief stripped his bicycle and he could no longer ride. Today, Laurie met Lemonte at the Light Rail Station to deliver his bike. We wish you could have seen happy and excited he was to receive his new wheels. He is very appreciative of CP Rotary and the program.