Bill Hughes asked Tom Elken to share his experience with polio with the club so as to bring home the impact of this devastating disease.  Tom contracted polio in 1955, the same year the Salk vaccine first became available.  Tom recounted his memories of the 3 month hospital stay, the physical therapy which followed and devices to help him deal with the result of having a shorter, weaker right leg than his left.  He had to live through some childhood ridicule, and a couple of surgeries to try to reduce the effects of the active polio episode.  During his teens through his thirties, there were few noticeable effects of the disease as he participated in several intramural sports, but in his sixties, post-polio symptoms have resulted in increased weakness and occasional pain in his right leg, which may result in more mobility issues before long.
Please join Tom in your continuing contributions to Polio+ and "Change for a Change" to combat this insidious disease as long as it exists on our planet.